SopneR Baksho Foundation

A Non Profit Organization

Project of sbf

Name of projects
 Major focus of the project/Program
 Working areas of Project
 Duration o the Project
Clean Your Campus
 Motivate to clean their institute and save our environment.
 1.Yunus Ali High School,Dipchar,Pabna
2.Central Girl’s High School,Pabna
3.Adarso Girl’s High School,Pabna
4.G.C.I Institute,Pabna
5.Sadhupara Primary School,Pabna
6.Pabna Zilla School,Pabna

 SBF Own Funded Project
 From 01 May,2014 to 06 August,2014
 Eid For Everyone
 To ensure 50 children for new cloth and food in Eid Ul Fiter
 Char Sadhupara,Pabna Sador,Pabna
 SBF Own Funded Project
 From 23 August,2014 to 24 August,2014
 SBF Children’s Day
 celebrating children's day with around 400 children's in many event on that day
 Bolorampur Primary School,Dogachi Union,Sujanogor,Pabna
 SBF Own Funded Project
 20 November,2014
 SBF Winter Drive
 distribute 500 blanket and cloth in needy and poor children
 1.Singa Talbagan Rehabilitation Area,Malonci Union,Pabna
2.Dipchar Rural Area,Dogachi Union,Pabna

 SBF Own Funded Project
 From 31 December,2014 to 01 January,2015