SopneR Baksho Foundation

A Non Profit Organization

Mission of sbf

Sopner Baksho Foundation is a Pabna based non-profit organization catering to the all kind of needs of children from  socially and economically disadvantaged background. Furthermore, the integration of numerous ‘Support Functions’ to the  good  core food program ensures the sustainable growth of the financially insolvent communities the beneficiary groups come from.

Vision of sbf

Sopner Baksho Foundation's vision is to build an poverty free Pabna with access to quality education for all. Sopner Baksho Foundation believes in working towards a better society-in which every child has access quality to their needs. Through access, each Children served can capitalize on his or her dreams and take life to be the opportunity it is.


Organizational Profile

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Message of President

Every person always to do something different from others. In our country we have lots of poverty. We don’t know when we can fully get rid off it but for removing this poverty all of us should try our best. Because  every person including children they have equal rights to get all the happiness whatever they need or whatever they want . From that point of view  we started this children’s foundation. Though we work for children, so we will try our best that children can touch there dreams of heart. As a President, I will always stand for this Organization rest of the day of my life.

Best regards,

Ahmed Al Kabir



Message of Vice President

Life is limited by timed, but dreams are not. There some exceptional dream that can give shadows our another expectation. In this sense Sopner Baksho Foundation has started it’s journey. As all knows this is a foundation which working for children. So our foundation try to help that children who lives under poverty and our foundation try to ensure five basic needs of children. As a Vice President of this Organization, I will never turn back from my responsibilities.”Children have dreams, so everyone should respect that dreams”

Best regards,

Shahad Md. Ibrahim

Vice President


Message of Secretary

Education is the backbone of every nation. Without proper education no nation can not develop there socio and economical condition. It’s possible, when every children get there all kinds of facilities and advantage. There is a lot of children in our country who are not getting their right properly. Sopner Baksho Foundation try it’s best to ensure the children’s right. As a General Secretary of this foundation. I will try my best to give my hundred percent effort for this foundation

Best regards,

Fojlur Rahman Kajol




SBF Goal

To bring a positive change in the sustainable socio-economic development of the people in its target area through a participatory way.

SBF Approach :

Target people & Community based.

SBF Objectives

  1. To build capacity and reduce vulnerabilities of the poor, especially  children  with  incapacity and ethnic towards mainstreaming.
  1. To organization & leadership development enhancing democratic governance in all local level institution.
  1. To empower the poor through education, knowledge,skill & resource sharing.
  1. To ensure income employment generation opportunities through livelihood development
  1. To ensure health and nutritional services and develop public-health status in the community level, kind of violence.






Working Area

 Total Union
 Total Villege

Future Plane

  1. Build a hospital for poor and needy Children.
  2. Build a school for street Children.
  3. Build a safe house for Children.
  4. Create Pabna  a Model City .

SBF Major Strengths

  Experience of implementing different program activities since April,2014
  Good interpersonal relationship among Member and Committee Member.
  Good interpersonal relationship among SBF and Modest Society of Pabna.
  Organization possesses it’s own E-mail, Digital Camera,Computer,Telephone,Moble & other facilities
  Government Registration is on processing by NGO-Affairs Bureau, Social Service & Family Planning Department.
  Organization has it’s own office, field area and other equipment for activity.
  In due time auditing system all the project by internal & external auditors Yearly.
  Member evaluation system