SopneR Baksho Foundation

A Non Profit Organization

Message from SBF

There are more than 30 Thousand children in Pabna who live under the poverty line. They can be seen on streets all over the Pabna city, tired, hungry and, more often than not, exploited. Often these street children become involved in unsave and dangerous professions, forced to do whatever it takes to put food in their belives. As they grown up, they are absorved into the tide of destitution that plagues this small city. Later generations fall in step, unable to break out of the mould. 

Every day, these children in pabna lose a little of their childhood to poverty. Instead of going to school and playing with their friends, they work day and night to earn a few meager crumbs. Every day, these children work hard and long to get nowhere in life. 

Help us to build a better Pabna City.

Notic Board

Sopner Baksho Foundation Celebrating Eid with Children. This event name was Eid For Everyone 2.

Sbf Flim Festival